Zero point energy stones


We are living in curious times, almost everything is changing -even our own conception of the universe. Some people think this way, some that way. A lot of opinions conflict and even our scientists don't seem to agree on this point. How can this be ? The reason is that we are living in a time of change between different concepts and epochs. Until approx. 100 years ago, our conception of the world and its explanatory models were quite okay. But the new generation of Nobel prizemen has cast doubts. Names we know like Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac and Heisenberg whose research results confirmed to them that they could no longer believe in the existance of solid matter. On the contrary, they postulate that all matters, whether materialistic or non materialistic, are "only" different grades of compression of one and the same energy.

Therefore, it is absolutely clear that there must be a prime energy which is the "mother" of all known forms of appearance and energy. They named this prime energy "Zero point energy" or "Free energy".

The zero point energy does not only contain all known (and still unknown) forms of appearance and energy, but logically, also their blueprint. So it must be presumed (and this is the most interesting point here for us), that the information on an able and healthy man is laid down here.

The idea of the zero point energy is a scientific one which resulted out of an experiment by a group of scientists. In a vaccum, at minus 273 degrees Celsius (this is the absolute zero point) they tried to prove that even molecules cease to move under these extreme conditions (known under the name molecular motion). They were very surprised to find out that the molecules didn't fullfill the scientists' expectations, in other words -they did move. This was formulated as follows: "The energy keeping the molecules in motion even under these conditions, is named zero point energy". Depending on the culture/ and the age of the culture we know other names for the very same energy: Kundalini, Chi, Prana, Od, love energy, divine energy and life energy are only some of them.

The function

Since ç"free energy" has become known, there have been and still are, plenty of experiments to turn this to man's advantage. Naturally the first aim is use it to drive machines in an attempt to combat the impending energy crisis. Nicolai Tesla made a significant contribution to this. Many stories are centered around his successful experiments. Anyway, this Tesla, who worked during a large part of his life with zero point energy, left çus the knowledge about the transformation of the energy, which on the one hand is highly intelligent but on the other hand without any structure. He described to us the process, which continues up into the matter ("energetical continuum").

The difficulty now, is to transform this energy, which possibly belongs to another dimension (!), in order utilize it. Physics teach us that the so-called first step forms tachyons. These are in fact the links between the prime energy and the known energy forms which are proceeding a step further, up until matter. They are no longer only energy, but also matter. Tachyons -so the physicians tell us- are faster than light (1.2fold - 1.3fold) and don't have matter (this is the reason why they can be faster than light without infringing on Albert Einstein's formula). They penetrate everything standing in their way - even the earth. If we could use tachyons we woud come very near to the primary source, to the essence with all its energy and its information for body and mind. Then, as tachyons are still in contact to the zero point energy, they could transmit all missing information (where there are many tachyons, there is at the same time, a lot of zero point energy). All we "need" is something like an "antenna" "catching" the tachyons and something to translate the information from the zero point energy.

Both is possible. We (i.e. ad fontes Nullpunktenergie GmbH) produce quartz glasses which show an exactly defined grid structure. In a complicated technical procedure molecules ("antenna molecules) are stored therein, in an special form and size which compress the tachyons around themselves.

Further explanations

All the kinds of quartz we know, possess a grid structure. We can imagine this as a climbing frame for children on a playground. When a quartz - e.g. a rock crystal or a rose quartz is çhit by tachyons (and this is the "normal case"), so it begins to "wobble", to oscillate. As ça constant number of tachyons always exist in our surroundings, all crystals (quartz) oscillate more or less intensively. This effect is being used in the naturopathy for medical treatment.

Quartz glasses with an exactly defined "quartz grid structure" are very similar to real crystals. By adding special, so-called antenna molecules for tachyons to this defined grid structure, the quartz glass oscillates much stronger than a natural quartz (without antennas) would be able to do. There are many people who can feel this oscillating process on their skin.

All around the quartz glass a constant field of zero point energy is built up as a result of compression of tachyons. This field begins an interaction with the energy fields of a man, an animal, a plant, a mineral providing that it is positioned near the body.

If the contact continues over a longer period of time, the human system in its unsurpassed wisdom collects all that information from the zero point energy field which is needed just at that moment. At the same time the energy field of a person grows significantly.

Why the zero point energy is necessary?

Life energy (zero point energy) accelerates çman's evolution and çmental and physical development." At the same time this implies that there is "normally" not enough life energy to guarantee the physiological standard. Due to today's life style of modern people and to an extreme stress caused by pollution of earth and air, caused by drugs or denatured food there is less and less life energy to our disposal. There also have to be seen the personal factors as psychic and physical stress as well as blockades, irritations and sediments which lead more an more to functional handicaps.

Man's aim on earth next to health and wealth is to develop as far as possible. Speed and quality of this development are determined by the quantity of energy (zero point energy - life energy) that is available to us. There is no such thing as too much çlife energy!

Effects of zero point energy

The quantity of our life energy is considerably responsible for:


There can be made the following observations on persons wearing a zero-point-energy-stone:

  1. Increased life energy extends the aura according to the strength of the used zero point energy stone. Clear-sighted (aura-sighted) people report that a "energetically normal" man of central Europe has got an aura of approx. 15 to 30 cm. Most show a tendency to 15 cm, after all in the seasons without resp. little light. A stressed person has got an aura of between 5 and 9 cm. This might be serious regarding the fact that the aura so to say is our energy store for life energy. A large aura means accordingly that there is being stored much energy.

  2. The system cleans itself
    Blockades and sediments are being dissolved. The result is a strong defending power. This leads naturally to an amelioration of all functions in the system. Life energy and vitality are being increased. Order and structure will appear, followed by beauty and harmony.
    Cleansing is the counter pole to human development. These two poles are the cause of each other, as with breathing in and out. This means: No development without cleansing, no cleansing without development! The starting development begins with the will to permit other feelings and desires. This causes the power to break existing structures and to free from existing compulsion. With a plus of life energy by zero point energy stones there starts normally a development toward a plus of spirituality and ethics.

  3. Therapy is being supported
    All forms of therapy - also psychotherapy - need for their efficiency and to realize the healing impulses the body's own energy. More energy means accordingly a quicker realization. Incoherent oscillations become coherent by increased life energy. This means that all inharmonious oscillations within ourselves become harmonious.

  4. Will power is being strengthend - aims become obtainable
    This leads to interesting results. What we call will power can be named creating power or wish energy. It is very pleasing to see that so to say the delivery time for the fulfilling of our wishes is being reduced. For this reason negative wishes and images have to be given up regarding the fact that our world and our experiences are being made by ourselves. Everything - as well the positive as the negative - comes back to us. It is up to us to free us from difficulties or to create new ones.
    All users of zero point energy exercise a kind of self control to reduce the time between thinking and the according experience. This is indeed a highly desirable developing process of responsible thinking, feeling, willing, believing and doing.

  5. Creativity and creating power increase

  6. The chakkras - these are the nerve centres of the body through which the physic energy flows are energised harmonized and verticalized by more life energy and this accelerates the personal development. It is important for us to point out that there is always ça perfect "earthing" though the feet concurrent with an "upward opening"

We see that life energy is the basis of all life. A plus of life energy helps developping efficiency, growth and wisdom. Not only adults will profit but also children, animals and plants. Everything starts flowing in a natural way. Our life gets a direction. These are the natural manifestations of the zero point energy.

What I still want to say

The experience with zero point energy stones has shown that our higher self always and under all circumstances keeps the freedom to decide. Further on it could be realized that the radiation of the zero point energy stones has become stronger during the last years. The explanation for this results from the producing method. There are added physical antennas to the quartz glass. The field of tachyons around the earth has grown and still does. So also the antennas receive more. With this it is logical that the zero point energy stones today are stronger than at the time of their production. Their power probably will still grow. There is no abrasion. Cleansing the stones is not necessary. Zero point energy stones radiate globularly. There is no preferred radiating direction.

Udo Sperlich,
Radmühl January 19th, 2000